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About Towing Safely

Caravan ownership has surged in recent years and has remained steady especially with the cost of living situation many are facing forcing more people into temporary or even permanent caravan accommodation, as well as older Kiwis adopting the 'grey nomad' lifestyle. More training for caravan owners is strongly supported by our trainers. Overweight and unstable caravans are a very big safety risk that can lead to serious accidents. In most cases, drivers only need their car licence and they can hitch up three tonnes or more of caravan and take it out on the roads with no training whatsoever. Diverse, complex' driving environments should be considered and taken into account often including unsealed roads, narrow roads and high-speed roads, then to low-speed congested roads. This however, would be one component of it, but we look at other skills that need to be learned when towing a caravan which contribute to decreasing the safety risk level, for example an awareness and understanding of risk such as a long drive, understanding more about fatigue and how that affects the way that you drive and tow and also how to self-regulate, especially when a driver can face further pressure to be in places such as trying to follow a holiday itinerary. Invest in further training and give yourself the best chance of safely towing your shell around New Zealand...