Enhanced Self Driver Management

Beliefs, Values and Attitudes

The development of beliefs, values, and attitudes is influenced by ethnicity, family, and friends (peers).

Our beliefs develop as a result of exposure to information and practices that we accept as correct. This can lead to positive or negative reinforcement of lessons already assimilated.

Values relate to the importance we place on behaviors like personal responsibility and the rights of other people. Our value system develops at an early stage in life and normally reflects the social environment in which we are raised.

Attitudes come from our beliefs and values and we express them on the road.  Our attitudes can change and develop as a result of our experiences and the experience of others or if we are influenced by others.

A positive effect on driver behaviour is the value you place on the safety of your passengers and other road users.

Another positive effect on driver behavior is your belief that road rules are in place for a good reason so you comply with them and do not allow yourself to be pushed into speeding by tailgaters but rather you pull over to let them pass.

Having a relaxed attitude is also positive driver behaviour.


Negative Effects on Driver Behaviour

A negative effect is relying on your inflated belief in your skills together with vehicle technology means following distances and speed limits don’t apply to you.

Believing yourself to be a good driver because you can control the vehicle and react quickly, leads to the misconception that hazard detection and planning the approach to hazards is not necessary.

Believing yourself to be a good driver because you haven’t had a crash but follow too close is more about luck than good management.  For example, “my vehicle has ABS, EBS, and stability control and she’ll stop on a dime. So that means I can drive faster in any conditions.



Social Norms

They are codes of expected behaviour within social groups, work environments, and society in general.  “We have the right to drive” leads to a resistance to the development of advanced skills, tougher driving tests or the raising of the driving age.